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Stories of Cloth




Textiles accompany us throughout life's journey; wrapped as we enter the world, and covered when we leave.

We all have a story of cloth to tell. What memory does cloth hold for you?

Stories of Cloth is a culturally diverse arts and heritage project, initiated and led by visual artist Lesley Sutton, to reflect on the personal memories associated with the ritual events of birth, marriage and death, through the sensory medium of cloth. Stories of Cloth has created a rare opportunity for exchange between cultures and generations, increasing understanding of one another's lost and changing heritage.

Working with photographer Paula Keenan, Lesley has observed and documented the precious memories of life; Individual and collective Stories told by small groups of women from Asian, Chinese, English, Jewish, Kosovan, and Somalian descent, living in South Manchester.

Despite their varied cultural backgrounds, all the women held something in common, the celebration of life from birth to grave, and the use of textiles during these festivities.

The resulting exhibition, featured here, offers a diverse fusion of artefacts, documentary photography, and artwork, created collaboratively between the two artists. We now hope to develop the project further, by collecting stories of cloth from all over the world (you can share your story), and touring this exhibition to other museums and galleries. Alternatively subscribe to our blog and keep up to date with all our postings on http://storiesofcloth.blogspot.com/

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